Along with the promotion of worldwide optical network cities, domestic FTTx scale construction has been started thoroughly, and the core of optical fiber network construction has been developed from the last one kilometer to the last fifty meters. Therefore, operators pay more and more attention to household pipeline construction. ODN network, that is, optical distribution network, is not only an important revolution for optical fiber system integration, but also an important measure for completion of the last 50 meters of all-optical network.

Rely on strong R&D platform and scientific team in communication field, Hengtong develops ODN integral solution and supply all-around FTTx optical fiber distribution network (ODN) product.

Conventional matching ODN product introduction 

Outdoor cabinet for FTTN based on EPON

Passageway cabinet for FTTB based on EPON

Optical cable exchanging/distributing frame product

General MODF optical cable distributing frame product

Passageway terminal optical cable branching box product

Passageway optical cable distribution box

New-type SMC outdoor optical cable distribution box

Family information box product

FTTx network apparatus

HT plane wave-guide optical cable branching unit

GJS-HT optical cable splice case

Enlightening the Future

HENGTONG aims for high-end technology and products, conforms to the industrial trends of communication and electric power, and is dedicated to the needs of optical communication, power distribution&transmission and a variety of special transmission applications.